Commercials and Ads for the Diversity and Inclusion Marketplace

Promote a Culture-Driven Workplace

All brands should participate in diversity and inclusion principles. You can inspire the masses with well-done and thought-provoking videos and advertisements.

We’re more than just a video agency. We create short films that tell a story, providing insight into diversity and inclusion.

We Focus on the Everyday Person

With video taking over the digital landscape, consumers want to watch content that they can relate to. They also want to see characters who are like them.

When you trust our services, you won’t see celebrities, spokespeople, or influencers. We focus on the everyday person to represent your brand. This not only results in better content but improved consumer trust and engagement.

    Content and Media Plans for All Businesses

    We understand all businesses have different video and media requirements. That’s why we offer different plans and packages to fit your needs.

    One-Off Film

    This is the perfect option for brands that don’t want to commit to multiple commercials. We create one film that’s affordable, can be filmed on short notice and can be filmed from anywhere in the world.

    This plan includes a 30-60 second teaser, four one-minute previews, an A2 movie poster, and 10 still images.

    12 Executive Films

    Enterprises that really want to draw their audience and promote their values will benefit the most from this package. And we will do more than capture your vision and the story you want to tell. We handle all of the research, production, distribution, and even the promotion.

    This package includes pre-roll on all 12 films online, the short film, 30-60 second teaser, four one-minute previews, an A2 movie poster, and 10 still images.

    Since we also handle your promotion, we promise to enhance your social reach — as much as 120,000 Facebook organic reach and 1.1 million paid reach on the release week.

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